Q: What is the typical office visit like?
A: There are four steps to a typical office visit.

1) Assessment — Our licensed professionals will guide you through a thorough evaluation including a complete case history, a video ear exam and computerized audiometric testing to measure hearing at different sound levels. We also perform extensive word discrimination testing.
2) Explanation of Results — Following extensive testing, we discuss the audiometric results in detail with the patient.
3) Demonstration — Using simulated everyday sounds, the patient is able to “test drive” our hearing instruments before they buy them.
4) Fitting & Delivery — You can have complete confidence knowing you will be fitted with the most advanced state of the art hearing device and receive customer service second to none both before and after the sale.

Q: What is Belcare?
A: All Beltone hearing instruments come with the exclusive Belcare commitment — one of the most comprehensive aftercare programs available. From your very first hearing screening through all the years you wear your Beltone hearing instruments, Belcare assures you a lifetime of attention at any one of Beltone´s participating hearing care centers nationwide.

Belcare benefits include:
• Free Hearing Evaluations
• Patient Follow-up Schedule
• 1,500 Locations Nationwide
• 30 Day Refund Policy
• Insurance Plan Discounts
• Repair Warranty and Replacement Insurance Benefits with every purchase
• Two year Hearing Loss Change Protection
• 1-800-BELTONE Patient Access

Q: What if something happens to my hearing device if I am out of town?
A: In addition to our 2 offices located in China Grove and Salisbury, Beltone is a global leader in hearing health care with over 1,500 offices nationwide.
Beltone, celebrating our 70th year in business in 2010, has dedicated itself to helping people enjoy more rewarding lives through better hearing. We understand that buying a hearing instrument is an important investment. And choosing where you make that purchase is a critical decision.
With service centers nationwide, we are able to provide you with the confidence that no matter where you are, you will receive follow-up care for as long as you own your Beltone hearing instruments.

Q: How can I afford to buy a Beltone hearing device?
A: At Beltone, we honor ALL insurance plans, provide financing and offer payments as low as $27/month.
We support our troops and veterans as well! If the hearing loss was not duty related and covered by the V.A., we will still provide significant discount benefits to the men and women in our armed forces. We also accept CareCredit as a means of financing your new hearing device. Please click here to go directly to the application.



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